Selected works


The Smart Lockbox for Cars

Smart lockbox for car key management.

Web and Mobile Applications, IoT Device Backend

We designed and built every Web and Mobile application in the Biig product set.
The biggest challenge was to build IoT infrastructure scalable to 10 million devices globally.

Online Grocery Store

The largest online grocery store in Estonia

Grocery Terminal, Web Store, Order Management Software

We built an online grocery store with multiple back-office applications. Our biggest accomplishment was to handle the complex product and price synchronization requirements so that end user can purchase the groceries from any Coop store, all over Estonia.

FreshGO Lockers

Autonomous lockers with temperature control

Online Grocery Store, Back Office, Logistics Management

We built an online grocery store with 7 different back-office applications for web, mobile and tablet users. Orders are received through a smart IoT grocery locker. Our biggest accomplishment was to handle complex logistics requirements and build an easily deployable and long-life battery device on a reasonable budget.

Foodie platform, iOS/Android Mobile Apps

The world’s most reliable restaurant guide for passionate foodies.

Admin Portal, iOS/Android Applications, Website

We built iOS and Android applications with a supporting admin portal and website.
The cool thing was that we managed to go “live” 3 weeks after the initial project kickoff, using Serverless and NoSQL technologies.

Hauto Self Skin Test

The world’s first self skin test technology.

iOS/Android Mobile Apps, API-s, Website

We built back-end API-s, iOS/Android mobile applications and the website.
The most fun part was to create the timeline of user photos in the apps, to create the visual effects of aging.


A professional soccer training platform with smart insoles.

Admin Portal, iOS/Android Tablet Applications

We built a smart insole management platform (2 different applications) and iOS/Android tablet applications.
The most exciting part was to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in real time – to read, analyze and visualize the data coming from the insoles.

Smart Door Lock Platform

Estonia’s largest IoT smart door lock platform.

Lock Access Management Platform and Mobile Apps

We built a lock access management platform (4 different applications), IoT API-s for the lock devices and iOS/Android mobile applications for end users.
The biggest challenge was to find a way to transfer access information to the locks without leaving it readable if the device becomes physically compromised.

Scoro Business Software

All-in-one business management software solution.

iOS/Android Mobile Applications

We built mobile and tablet applications for iOS and Android platforms.
The most interesting part was to implement the complexity of the application, while keeping the maintainability of the code.

Online Health Insurance

Estonia’s first online employee health insurance service.

Insurance Management Software with Self-Service Portal

We designed and built the insurance management platform together with the self-service portal.
The most demanding part was to comply with all the data protection requirements of the medical insurance industry.

Telema eFlow

Purchase Invoice Management Software.

Designing new UI, UX and iOS/Android Applications

We improved and updated the eFlow user experience and created iOS and Android applications.
The biggest challenge was to cover the complex functionality with a user interface which would be easy to use and navigate.